Happy news | Our school won a good result in the Guizhou Section of the 5th Chinese Classics Reciting and Speaking Contest "Pen and Ink China" Chinese Character Writing Contest


Recently, the 5th Chinese Classic reciting and speaking contest "Pen and Ink China" Chinese character writing contest Guizhou division semifinal winners announced。In this competition, our school won the provincial excellent organization award. Zhao Fei and Zhang Qinglin, members of the Calligraphy and Painting Association of our School of Literature and Journalism, won the third prize of the college students group of the calligraphy track under the guidance of professional teachers。

The theme of this year's competition is the New era of bookishness,"Code" bright new journey,It aims at language and cultural activities such as reading, explaining, writing and seal cutting,Promote the fine Chinese language and culture,Draw wisdom and strength from the Chinese classics, strengthen ideals and convictions, and highlight the spirit of The Times,To show the inheritance and innovation of the Chinese classics by the public, especially young people,We will help promote cultural confidence and self-improvement,Gather great strength for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。(Contribution/Edited and proofread by Yang Zhonglan and Wang Qinghong of Hanmo Painting and Calligraphy Association/Reviewed by Wang Lianghao/Zhang Jin and Chen Ting)

Award certificate

List of winners